Good-bye winter

It was fun while it lasted (well, the first 10 minutes or so) but I’ll take Spring now. I can’t even remember; did we have 3 or 4 snow days? It hasn’t even been a month and I’ve already forgotten.

Last of Feb. 2013 059

Dedication is trucking out to the street (up hill) (both ways) in order to take this picture. #awesome #snow #vscocam      Obvious: it is snowing. Not obvious: my annoyance. #anothersnowday? #ohjoy #springcomesoon #vscocam

Last of Feb. 2013 028     : What happens when you load up into the back of Daddy’s truck and pelt snowballs at the kind neighbors who are shoveling your driveway?

Last of Feb. 2013 024A: Revenge!

My snow babies:

Last of Feb. 2013 026

Last of Feb. 2013 066

Last of Feb. 2013 076

Last of Feb. 2013 074

Ain’t nobody sad to see you out, Old Man Winter. Especially Cora Bean.


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