How to make GLOOP

Need a rainy snowy day activity that keeps your kids busy? Tired of playing in the snow? Yes! Try GLOOP!

Fun for about 15 minutes. Now, who wants to come clean my countertops? I vote for @misssmarty74. :) #mamaisgettingcrafty #terribleidea #artsandcrap

end of feb 2013 031

A few weeks ago, Bennett came home from preschool at the Lawrence Art Center with this recipe in his hot little hands and just INSISTED that we whip up some Gloop immediately. If you know Benny, you know that once he gets an idea he doesn’t give up quickly. Current obsession: he wants some “Permit crabs” for his room. Haters gonna hate but I DO NOT WANT HERMIT CRABS IN MY HOUSE.

Anyways, B didn’t care that I didn’t have an entire cup of white glue. I did, however, happen to have some wood glue.

Wood glue? White glue? It’s all the same to this family.

end of feb 2013 015

end of feb 2013 016

end of feb 2013 009

Overall it was a great sensory experience that kept everyone occupied for at least 15 minutes. Our batch was a little bit runny (wrong glue, perhaps?) but fun nonetheless.

It even has a nice, fresh smell and cleans up easily which I have a feeling is the exact opposite of hermit crabs.


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