Cradle of love

I keep thinking that maybe, some day, having a little girl might feel more normal to me. The excitement and wonder will wear off just a bit. I just always thought I would be the Mom Of Boys. My previous blog was even titled, House of Boys, for crying out loud. I didn’t predict girly pink things in my future. Which would have been totally okay because I love my boys. I really, really do.

(Except when they are jumping on my furniture.)

(Or tracking in mud.)

(Then, my love, is questionable.)


Enter the $13.00 dirty, cobwebby, cradle from the Salvation Army.

March 2013 059

March 2013 067(Cora Janie’s suprised face when she caught us in the kitchen.)

March 2013 126Waiting, waiting, waiting.

March 2013 082

More baby girl fun. // Prompt: #ruleofthirds at #iheartfaces #PicTapGo #havenotshoweredyet #toomuchfun #thirdbabyfirstgirl


I love my life. It’s bigger and better and more beautiful than I ever imagined or dreamed.


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