Dining room board and batten

Remember when I said “we” had big plans for the dining room? Well, we did it. Not only did we install baseboard trim but we also created some amazing architectural detail aka BOARD AND BATTEN.

An aside: as we go along on this home building journey, I am finding I have more respect and more respect for my husband and his skills. I am comfortable admitting the truth here: I dream up the ideas, he makes them happen.

Amateur? Hardly.

He’s hardcore.


January 2013 064


march 2013 014

Maybe we should get a little closer to his handiwork? Well, no problem. I am just here to serve.

Hello, happy little dining room.

march 2013 045

march 2013 048

march 2013 061March 2013 238march 2013 031

I’m not going to make this a “how-to” post on installing your own board and batten. (That’s why God invented Google.) We mostly followed the directions we found at Young House Love. I will, Lovies, give our quick and dirty version because I would be a shame to the home improvement movement if I didn’t share just a little.

Here is what we did: measure the room, dig out the paint (Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Artist Canvas), measure again, run to Home Depot, argue over top rails at Home Depot, come home, cut lattice pieces, tape up lattice to visualize the space, measure again, argue over spacing, move lattice pieces, hang lattice, fill and sand holes, caulk the seams, paint, and finally PAINT again.

(We aren’t done yet, of course, because we have more baseboard trim to install including the quarter round, paint to touch up, and the electrical plugs to finish.)

Total time: one weekend. Total dollars: like I know? I don’t pay the checkout people. I am too busy herding the cats (I mean children) away from the candy. I do know that it was less than $100.

march 2013 067

In case you are wondering which jobs were mine, you should know that I am great with a paint brush. I am also great at supervising. I mean, somebody (besides Lizzy girl) has to supervise around here. If I’m not busy doing that, you can find me on the computer dreaming up our next big project.

I see your dining room work, Matt, and raise you one finished basement?


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