Living room reveal

I have been thinking (whaa?) a lot recently about how much our house has changed in the past three years. THREE YEARS. It’s hard to even wrap my brain around the fact that we’ve been here this long. In almost ten years of marriage, we averaged a move every 2 years. (Two in East Lawrence, two in the Orange Abode in Olathe, 1 six month stint with my sister, two in the Lawrence duplex, and now three here at the Lawrence Love Shack.)

Don’t get any ideas, I don’t plan on moving again any time soon. We’ve done too much work to start over now and I have too many plans of things I still want to upgrade. (Light fixtures! New front door! Window treatments! A finished basement!)

The living room started as this:

house before

And here is how the living room looked last week (with the Easter decorations still up which have since come down), taken from the same angle:

march 2013 078

Now, obviously, we aren’t done with the renovations. Case in point:  do you see that LONG ASS piece of baseboard trim next to the stairs? Still needs to be nailed to the wall. Watch your step, friends!

Regardless, it’s amazing to just think about how far we have come together. New paint, new hardwood floors, new dining room board and batten, painted kitchen cabinets, new baseboard trim, and new rugs have made a huge difference.

march 2013 088

The rug is one of our newest purchases since the Big Flood of ’12. It is this Heathered Chenille Jute Rug and I love it. The chenille means that it’s soft to the touch and not scratchy which is important since we spend time down on the floor. Three children and a big dog means mandatory floor time. I also wanted something natural to break up the hardwood floors, something that could be used to layer with the Red Hartebeest skin, and something durable.

So far, so good.

march 2013 092

I’m not crazy about this little table in front of the (sad, curtain-less, and neglected) window but my hobby is moving furniture around so we’ll see how long it stays here. I am, however, crazy about the plants on top of the table. Succulents get me every time. These babies were $2.98 a pop at Home Depot.

I can’t say no.

march 2013 005

Just like I can’t say no to house projects. Matt is thrilled every time I come up with a new idea.

Onward, Ho! (That’s pirate talk for pick up yo paintbrushes and start a project today.)

It’s Monday, after all, and a perfect day to start something new finish a project.


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