I updated my header image because, damn it, I am sooooooooooo ready for Spring. Emphasis on the so ready part. I am a major sufferer of the Winter Blues. HASHTAG I HATE WINTER. I need sunshine and open windows and I need the children playing outside while I have my hands mixed in the dirt and flower beds.

I also need flowers. I need lots and lots of flowers.

#Tulips for you on this (terrible? terrific?) Thursday. // #closeup at #iheartfaces // #springcomesoon #ignorethesnow #icanthandlethewinterblues #vscocam #flowers Good-bye winter blues. It's my most favorite time of the year! #signsofspring #plantsaremyweakness #yellowismyfavorite #vscocam

Nothing says Spring like polka dots:

Being a home visitor means I never see the same people on the same day. It (might) also mean I wear the same outfit many days in a row. #vscocam #workingfortheweekend #mostlyIwearsweatpants #truth

Take that back, nothing says Spring like dirty baby feet:

feb 2013 044

Just kidding. Seriously this time. Nothing says Spring like eating ice cream on the front porch. Not even polka dots or tiny dirty toes can compare to adorable, messy babies eating ice cream.

2013-02-04 feb 2013

Okay, so maybe eating ice cream on the front porch isn’t very Spring-like but more of a Summer activity.

Whatever. I’ll take anything over being stuck inside.

Beggars can’t be choosers, after all.


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