Choo Choo guess who’s TWO?

Ryden Paul, that’s who!

2013-04-14 ryden 20132

Funny story: whenever Ryden comes to our house to play (which is frequently because the adults like to drink beverages and eat) he immediately heads upstairs to our bedroom. There you will find him playing with Simon’s (very old) wooden Thomas the Train set. Ryden will play with trains for hours and hours.

Can’t find Ry? Try the trains.

Time to eat? Forget about it. Ryden’s too busy building tracks.

So it was a no brainer that he would have a train party and receive lots of train related gifts.

ryden 2013 092

ryden 2013 102

ryden 2013 087

After presents, came cake. What 2-year-old doesn’t love cake?

ryden 2013 114

Happy birthday, sweet boy. I’m so happy that ‘yo Mama had you in April and that you can grow up being one of Cora’s BFF. She might not love playing trains as much as you, but she sure does love to give you hugs.

ryden 2013 180

Speaking of Cora, only one more month until she turns 2 herself. How is this possible? Wasn’t she just a newborn?


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