Parenting challenges

I’ve been practicing this parenting gig for 9 ALMOST 10 years now, and it is all still a learning experience. I’m not sure I will ever have this parenting thing figured out.

Five jumpy-bounce houses and these two nuts spent the majority of their time building with blocks. #crazykids #vscocam // Thanks for the fun today @beckyfinck!

On Tuesday, Cora Janie challenged me to a little go round game called: “Is It Broken? Do We Need an X-ray? Is My Mother an Overprotective Sap?” (Spoiler Alert! The answers are No, Yes, and Yes.) I am pretty proud to admit that we’ve never played this particular round in parenting.

Stitches? Yes, ma’ma. Nurse-maid elbow? Done. Broken bone? Not so much.

One of my good friends (Ryden’s Mama) unexpectedly had the day off from teaching and so we decided to meet up and let the kids play. While jumping in a bounce house, Cora was knocked down. She probably spent a good 10-15 minutes crying (which is not normal for her at all) and holding onto her right hand. Eventually she joined back in the fun and acted just fine.

Fast forward to after nap: she was screaming OW! whenever we touched her hand, refusing to hold objects, clutching it to her chest, and her hand was swollen.

Well, okay then. Off to the doctor we shall go. A very, very, VERY (did I mention VERY?) traumatic X-ray confirmed that her hand was not broken just bruised. Praise the Lord, for He is good.

CJ fell this morning while playing at Jump 4 Joy. After nap she woke up screaming and she wouldn't use it. So a quick (and very very VERY traumatic) X-ray confirmed it isn't broken. #praisethelord #nomoremonkeysjumping #vscocam #thecause

Nothing calms a distraught, sweaty, terrified baby who was just been held down by three adults like a little milk.  So, yes an X-ray was needed to confirm that the swelling was just a bruise and not broken. Yes, I am a (slightly) over-protective sap. No, I’m not proud.

I am, however, thankful for the learning experience. I always figured Simon would be the first one to earn an X-ray.

Little Princess Peach sure showed me, huh?


One thought on “Parenting challenges

  1. oh my! it is always the little ones who surprise us the most. My youngest has been giving me a run for my money this month. First it was a bone bruise, then two weeks later, CONCUSSION! His older brother has fallen out of bunk beds and trees with nary a scratch in his eight years, but I don’t think this four year old is going to make it to kindergarten unscathed. I’m glad Cora’s ok!

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