Simple play kitchen plans

Have you guys heard of Ana White? Lest you are living under a rock, let me give you the inside scoop. Ana White is an amazing do-it-yourself blogger and the creator of free plans to build your own furniture. In fact, she even came out with her very own book of furniture designs.

Called The Handbuilt Home, no less.

march 2013 010

Matt requested a copy of her book for his birthday last March. As his good and faithful wife, I had no choice but to order it for him. Furniture plans? Beds not made of old doors but by Matt’s own hands?

Sign me up.

Daddy is at it again. I am ridiculously excited for the birthday girl's new play kitchen. || #anawhite #thehandbuilthome #vscocam || @mtpoolie

So after a few months of idle wait time (also known as the time he put up the board and batten in the dining room, added trim and quarter round, in addition to completing a dozen other small projects while also working full-time on the night shift and attending classes at KU), Matt finally pulled out his book and is getting started. Up first: simple play kitchen.

For his princess on her birthday, of course.

And when I say his princess, I mean Cora Jane.



2 thoughts on “Simple play kitchen plans

  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to see it. I’ve been itching to make handy-home-style projects lately. Right now, I’m drafting up some plans for our front garden bed and another raised garden for the back yard. I really want to add built in shelves to our bedroom… Anyways, I didn’t even know I was living under a rock, haha! Ana White is new to me, and I will definitely check out that book.

    • oh, okay! I have seen Ana’s site before. I remember thinking it was cool that she lived in Alaska and tried to figure out where she was up there. I used to live in Alaska 🙂 Added her to my blog roll! She’s awesome!

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