Cora Janie turns two

Cora Janie Pool, today you are two. TWO YEARS OLD. Be still my heart, how is this even possible? I closed my eyes and your babyhood passed before us. I can so clearly remember the anticipation of your arrival. The way I longed to hold you in my arms and dress you in sweet pink sleepers.

I never imagined you would come on my birthday. What a sweet gift I was blessed with and never fear, Baby Girl, I won’t ever forget how blessed I was on that perfect day. For the record, I will probably never stop telling the story of our birthdays either. On my 28th birthday, I was given a baby girl. I wasn’t induced. It wasn’t planned.

Now, here you are.

It seemed fitting, of course, to take some birthday shots of you exploring the nursery (Howard’s Pine Garden Center for the locals). Being outside and wandering is something that you love to do, especially if you have your baby tucked under your arm. My favorite girl surrounded by flowers sounds like the perfect way to spend an hour.


Birthday girl photo shoot. So fun! Also? Dirty. || Confession: if I didn't teach, I would want my own greenhouse. Maybe someday? || #1moreweekasa1yearold #almostourbirthday #nothingisordinary #dreambig

It makes my heart so sad to think about all the changes that you have gone through the past two years. Weren’t you just a baby? Wasn’t I just waiting for this day? The swaddling blankets were packed away so long ago. Sleepers with tiny feet are buried in boxes.

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, and warm woolen mittens. Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite {Cora Jane} things.

May 2013 103

*Your untamed love of jammies. The cupcake pair and the giraffe pair are your most prized pairs. If you find them in the dirty clothes, you will strip off your clean clothes and put them back on again. Annoying? Sometimes. Cute? Always.

*Watching you jump and laugh and smile on the trampoline.

*The silly way in which you run. It’s part skip, part speed walker, part booty shaker. It makes me laugh to see your joy.

May 2013 164-001

*Watching you care for your babies. In and out of the stroller, clothes on and off, lining them up in a row on the pillows. Babies are  your toy of choice.

*The way you always check to see if I’m watching. Come follow me, Mama. You say it mostly with your eyes. Come find the place where dreams are made.

2013-05-09 May 2013

*How you ask to nurse, gently at first but growing more desperate when told no.

*Dresses. Bows. Sandals with straps.

*The way you say “tank you!” and “what’s that?” no less than 40 times each day.

May 2013 111

*Introducing you to new things. Kitties named Petunia at the Nursery, sliding down slides, flowers in pots. It is all an experience to you.

*How you like to hold my hand when going to sleep at night and how you never sleep alone. Daddy is always here for naptime.

*Listening to your language explode. You are just now starting to put two words together and like to practice them over and over. “Hi (insert name here) is your favorite. “Hi Miman!” “Hi Daddy!” How could anybody be sad when greeted this way? I leave the room and come back to “Hi Mama!” every single time.

May 2013 095

*The amazing range of emotions that you are able to feel and express. Thunderstorms cause your body to shake and quiver with fear. Seeing Daddy or your brothers walk through the door brings unimaginable joy. Taking candy away from you at the checkout brings screams and tears and bright red faces.

*Speaking of fear, you are the most afraid of bugs. If you see a sugar ant, you freeze and scream until rescued. “Bug? Bug! Bugggg!” Cue meltdown mode immediately.

2013-05-09 May 20131

May 2013 141

When I am feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad.

Happy birthday, Sweet Baby. I would keep you this age forever if I could but then I wouldn’t have any more favorite things to add to this list.

I love you.


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