Birthday fun (take one)

Prepare your hearts because I have no less than 50,000 pictures from the past week. My baby girl turned two years old and I turned 30, we had a party, and Matt built the cutest play kitchen for her. Yes, so much goodness wrapped up in such a small period of time.

First up: our actual birthday.

We celebrated by opening a few gifts and eating a cookie cake out on the deck:

May 2013 013

May 2013 006

May 2013 020

We aren’t potty learning yet, but we are taking steps forward in the process. Like having a baby that actually goes potty. So fun until you start stepping in puddles that the “baby” leaves behind.

May 2013 037

May 2013 042

Also, a few pictures of our deck. Spending time out on the deck is one of my favorite activities. For one, I love being surrounded by flowers. Secondly, the more meals we eat outside, the less mess I have to clean up inside. #truestory

For my birthday this year, the boys got me some $10 cushions for the table and the lantern. Of course, Target only had 3 red cushions and insisted that the truck was going to bring more on Friday. (We need five total.) So we went to Target on Friday, only to find out that they didn’t have get more cushions. Awesome.

May 2013 112

May 2013 129

Lizzie girl is starting to look her age. She’ll be 10 this year, so almost 70 in dog years.

Tomorrow: Cora’s birthday party, complete with the most beautiful cake ever

On deck: play kitchen plans and pictures. #myhusbandisamazingwithtools #andinbed #sorrymom


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