Know better, do better

I like to think of myself as a life long learner. I want to understand all, do the best that I can, and I want to love people more. Shhhh…don’t tell Matt but I don’t actually know everything. I’m not always the expert. My way isn’t always the best way.

Call me naïve, but I truly try to believe the best in everyone. This week I learned a lesson that left me feeling sad and uncomfortable.

Anybody want a friendly, not neutered bull mix? He wandered up to our house in North-west Lawrence. Called the number on the tag, vet returned our call saying the people listed will not claim him. Vet also said this is the 2nd time in a month that he has

This sweet little guy wandered up to our porch the other night. Despite Cora Janie FREAKING OUT, he didn’t appear to be an aggressive Pitt Bull mix at all. In fact, he was the exact opposite of aggressive. He wouldn’t stop licking faces and wagging his tail like a whip. He was clean, obviously not starving, and just out for a jaunt around the neighborhood.

We called the number on his tag. The on-call Vet called us back and reported that “this is the 2nd time in a month that he’s been reported out. Called the owners listed and they reported that he isn’t their dog and they won’t claim him.” Well, okay then. We didn’t want to take him to the shelter for fear that he would either be put down or not adopted because he was obviously part bully breed. So I put his picture on Facebook and hoped that some kind soul would come pick him up.

::BUZZER:: Wrong! ::SAD PACMAN SOUND:: Game over!

Turns out, the shelter would have been a better choice for him. For one, he would have been held for 3 days to ensure that his owners really didn’t want him any longer. Secondly, he would have been immediately neutered so that no more bully puppies are born. Finally, it turns out that people love to lie and take advantage of the “nice” bully dogs. Nice dogs become bait for the fighters. Nice dogs are used to train the mean ones. I learned all this after we already let him go.


Now, to be fair, I don’t know if the couple that took him are actual liars. They certainly seemed friendly enough. They also brought their 8-year-old Boxer so that she could meet and mingle with the new guy. Could this have been just to trick us into believing that they are nice, loving, animal people? Maybe. I will never be sure. They sent me a message later to let me know that they took him to his old Vet, got a copy of his records, had his nails trimmed, and renamed him Major.

I learned my lesson. The next time I find a stray animal, I am going to let the professionals do their job. Animal control and the Humane Shelter are here to protect and find the best home for unwanted animals. I know better now and, like Matt likes to remind me frequently, knowing is half the battle. Know better, do better. No excuses.

I pray with all my might that Major’s new owners are lovers not fighters.


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