Cora’s play kitchen

This might be my most favorite project that Matt and I have tackled together in 10 years of marriage. Okay, fine. He did most (99.9%) of the building and I did most of the shopping, decorating, and staging but still. Come on. WARNING: picture overload ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Repeat: you have been warned. Proceed with caution.

Too Cuuuuute.
The #birthdaygirl was too busy playing to look. Well done, Daddy! || #anawhite #thehandbuilthome #happybirthday #vscocam

May 2013 070

Original plans can be found here at Ana White’s for her Simple Play Kitchen. We decided not to build the fridge because of  time and space but might go back and built it later.

The sink and stove both stand at 20 inches tall (22 inches if counting the backsplash) and the entire set measures just shy of 2.5 feet long. So it’s definitely a short, little set that doesn’t take up much room. At almost 6 years old, Bennett loves to play kitchen too so I am confident this will be around awhile.

Now, who wants to see some detail shots? I thought so.

When creating the stove top burners, I found thin, soccer themed wall hangings from Hobby Lobby that Matt spray painted black. We used wood glue to attach them to the top. The side hooks for the hand towel and for the extra pots came from Home Depot. The stove knobs (which are the same cabinet pulls for our real kitchen), stove handle, and plexiglas also came from Home Depot.

June 1 2013 069

June 1 2013 099

June 1 2013 114

For the sink, we ended up buying a new fixture (that was on sale!) from Home Depot. We looked at the Habitat Restore for a used fixture but they either a.) were still attached to a gigantic sink or b.) the same price as new from HD. We used a stainless steel bowl that came from our wedding set for the kitchen sink.

Since I can not sew, I hemmed a cloth napkin for the curtain using fusing web. I simply followed the instructions for ironing until it was set and then slid the napkin through a rod. The tension rod came from Target, as did the cloth napkins. I took the fabric piece from the napkins and put that around an empty coffee can to hold all of Cora’s utensils.

May 2013 071-copy

June 1 2013 105

June 1 2013 071

As for the food, it’s all wooden from Melissa and Doug. Cora Janie got a few sets last Christmas as gifts (cupcakes, cookies, and sandwich sets) that I have been hoarding in her closet. I also bought one new set off Amazon, plus we had an old set from when Bennett was a wee one. Aunt Liza bought her the condiment set for her birthday. Grandma Cale bought the stainless steel pots and pans.

The plates and dipping bowls came from the clearance rack at Target. The plastic cups came from Wal-mart approximately 5.8 million years ago.

Metal basket came from the seasonal section at Target.

June 1 2013 079

June 1 2013 087

May 2013 082

As for cost, the entire thing probably took around $200 plus two weekends worth of work. The initial building wasn’t difficult but the finishing work took awhile. Sanding, painting, and getting the door properly attached took some time. Plus the 15 trips across town to Home Deport for that one thing that we forgot.

Matt had a lot of difficulty with the stove door and “plans to re-do” that entire piece and straighten the handle bar. We’ll see if/when that happens.

Budget breakdown:
Wood… $75
Faucet… $24
Napkins for the hand towel and curtain… $9.99 for four
Tension rod… $7.99 for two
Plexiglas… $3.00
Hooks for the side… $4.99 for two
Hinges… $2.99
Stove handle… $5.99
Black burners… $1.00 each
Tap light for inside stove… $6.99
Wire basket… $24.00
Amazon M&D set… $14.99
Stove knobs… already owned
Paint… already owned
Stainless steel bowl… already owned

May 2013 086

I blogged about Cora's play kitchen! || Link in profile. || #handmade #anawhite #thehandbuilthome #vscocam
Overall, I am pleased as punch. It was fun to create together, it fits nicely in our kitchen, and is a huge hit with all the kids. It’s always a flurry of activity in this little corner.

Love. Love. Love.


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