Whoa blog

Oh, hi Blog. Nice to see you again after a 3 week vacation. Let’s see what have we been up to while taking this little blogging break? Well, we went on a road trip to Omaha, the boys both went to Grandma’s house (Can I get a witness? Hallelujah and amen), we joined the County Club (hallelujah and amen again), I almost died of pleurisy (okay, so I didn’t almost die but I felt like it. In fact, a week of medication and it still hurts to cough or laugh), and I’ve still managed to work part-time (something I haven’t done since I taught summer school when Simon was a wee-child) (insert feelings of pity here) (working is not my jam).

Meanwhile, Simon’s played baseball, Bennett’s been to gymnastics and starts swimming lessons next week, and Matt is taking 9 hours of summer school through KU. Cora has been her regular (slightly annoying and naughty) toddler self who tries to keep up with the big boys. We are thinking of potty learning with her because eh? Why not?

Summer time and the living is easy. Or incredibly busy.

iphonepics 534 iphonepics 544 iphonepics 557 iphonepics 626

But it doesn’t matter how busy we are because I am with my people and this is my most favorite season of the year even it does take me 3 weeks to sit down and blog.

I love them, almost as much as I love summertime.


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