Cora’s first haircut

In typical, 3rd child fashion, I recently cut Cora Jane’s hair. It wasn’t something I planned to do or even discussed with Matt.

More of a whim, per say.

May 2013 185

I simply went to the salon to have my own bangs trimmed and walked away with Cora’s sweet mullet in a tidy little Aveda bag. When Simon was a baby, I took my big girl camera and a video camera for the occasion. Bennett has a certificate from his first “official” haircut. (Let’s pretend like I’m over that time when my Mother CUT HIS HAIR WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.)

(Sweet chubby bunny!)

So sorry Baby Girl but your rat-tail just had to go. Even if I didn’t bring any way to document the momentous occasion. My girl, Lydia of Lou and Co, promises that your hair will grow in better and thicker without the random long party pieces in the back. I’m choosing to trust her expertise.

May 2013 187

May 2013 190

Most often, I look at Cora’s face and see Simon. This picture above, however, reminds me of Bennett.

Minus all the rolls and sweeping bangs, of course.

Here is Cora same spot, different year. Okay, so maybe she really does look like Bennett after all.


One thought on “Cora’s first haircut

  1. I’ve always, always, always thought she looked just like Bennett! But with Simon’s body! She is the perfect mix! The Husband keeps threatening that we need to shape Norah’s hair up some, but he is bat-shit crazy! Her curls pull it up enough so it dosen’t look like a mullet, however when it’s wet in the bath it’s full on mullet!

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