Pools at the Pool

This year we decided to join Alvamar Country Club. A couple of factors influenced our decision. For one, the public library is being remodeled and so the parking lot next to the city pool is closed. The city responded by telling people to park in the closest parking garage, which is 4 blocks away. It doesn’t sound like much but have you ever walked 4 blocks with 3 kids, water cups, towels, and pool toys in the Kansas heat? Um, no thanks.

Secondly, I am now a “face” in the community which translates to knowing a lot more people around town. Truthfully, I don’t really want to see people in my bathing suit. Also, when I am not working, I want to 100% concentrate on my family. This is hard to do when I see other families that I know and love and I enjoy visiting. I’m a talker too, so once I see a friend, I can spend a good 20 minutes chatting while my children drown in the pool.

Just call me Chatty Cathy.

Finally, Matt is also a “face” in the community except that the people he works with? Are the naughty teenagers around town. And when I say “naughty” I really mean “juvenile delinquents who break laws.” Many angry teenagers have made death threats and thrown insults at Matt while he was working. It’s never fun to see those kids around town nor does it make me feel very safe.

So, Alvamar it is and I LOVE IT. I love the privacy, and the drinks, and the open tab, and the relaxed rules, and the free parking, and the shared swim toys. Also? NO POOP IN THE POOL. I don’t know what it is but nobody poops in the Alvamar pool. (Something that happens daily at the public pool.) Come January when we are still paying our monthly membership? Maybe not so much will I love it. But right now? HEAVENLY.

Late June 2013 118

Late June 2013 120

This one of Matt and Cora also makes me laugh, same smile much?

Late June 2013 139

So far Cora isn’t afraid to put her face in the water. She repeatedly says, “Go pool, Mama?” and then walks her sweet little self to the edge of the pool. She’ll jump right in to whoever is closest.

She also doesn’t like to be touched when she is swimming in her little princess ring. Touché.

Late June 2013 170

Late June 2013 181

Late June 2013 150

Simon is impossible to catch a picture of in the water. He’s either dunking or diving or moving 100 mph.

Late June 2013 174

Late June 2013 195

Happy Tuesday, friends. It’s almost the Fourth of July which means baby Simon is almost 10 years old!

If you need me, I’ll be sipping drinks and watching my pool rats and refusing to let him grow up anymore.


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