4th of July fun

It wouldn’t be summer without a little 4th of July fun. Some people hate the 4th. I, on the other hand, personally love it.

I love the sun, and the sounds, and the food, and the friends.

Lawrence has a “law” about shooting off fireworks. I read in the newspaper that 200+ calls were made for fireworks and ONE citation was given. I feel like those odds are forever in my favor. (Pending my neighbors don’t report us.) I don’t actually participate in the firecracker portion of the evening but can’t imagine having a 4th without fireworks.

Cora, on the contrary, is NOT a fan of the 4th of July. If you recall, she wasn’t a fan last year either. She spent most of this year SCREAMING and hiding inside the house. She would venture outside for a minute, get scared, and say “Go inside, Mommy?” SAD FACE.

4th of july 2013 006

4th of july 2013 129

Simon is a HUGE FAN. He spent most of the day moping around and impatient for the official “blow stuff up time.” He just couldn’t wait to get started. The 4th is nothing here compared to Great Bend’s 4th of July, so he had to settle for Black Cats and small fountains.

And old model airplanes that have sadly met their maker.

4th of july 2013 013

4th of july 2013 058

Bennett is in the “finding the love” stage. He doesn’t hate fireworks like Cora but he isn’t into it as much as Simon. He didn’t spend any time hiding or covering his ears, so definite progress compared to previous years.

He also (bravely) started participating. We call this method the “stand and stretch.”  Followed up closely with “RUN!!”

4th of july 2013 064

4th of july 2013 068

Obligatory family photo. See also: Crying Cora and Sad Simon. Simon managed to burn his foot because he KICKED A SMOKE BOMB SANS SHOES. In case you are wondering, kicking a smoke bomb without shoes will burn your foot. It will also turn the entire thing blue.

Don’t pretend like we never taught him anything. Or like we didn’t mention a HUNDRED TIMES to stay out of the street without shoes.

4th of july 2013 108

No holiday is fun without family and friends. We invited over Becky and Lisa and their adorable kiddos as well.

4th of july 2013 083 4th of july 2013 0104th of july 2013 118 4th of july 2013 038

4th of july 2013 113

4th of july 2013 133

Over all, it was a great 4th of July. I can’t wait to do it all over again!

4th of july 2013 093

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