Validating feelings

Happiness is boarding a plane with the Love of Your Life.

Bittersweet is (maybe?) nursing your 2 year old for the very last time.

Scared is Grandma for keeping the 2 year old (for her first over-nighter) without her Mama.

Hopeful is being assured that everyone will be fine, even the “baby” who nurses to sleep, and the anxious 10 year old, and the worried Mama, and the scared Grandma.

Patient is Grandpa as loud boys run through living rooms and jump down stairs.

Relief is turning off work email and grabbing two new books for some light beach reading.

Anxiety is not seeing our babies for an entire week. (See #4.)

Fear is that something bad will happen.

Peace is knowing that nothing will. (See #4.)

Love is all we need.


Bliss is 10 whole years of marriage. Three beautiful babies. One week in paradise.

Catch y’all on the flip side.


2 thoughts on “Validating feelings

  1. So beautiful!!! Have a great time Mama! We left our babies for 6 days (Libby was 23 months and still nursing and picked right up when I got home) with my Mom. I came home with Elliott. 😉 Go make a baby while I give birth to one! 🙂

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