I’m sure of it

Many moons ago, on a band trip my freshman year of high school, I stood on the beach for the very first time and watched the cold ocean waves. Matt loves to make endless fun of me for this story. I took a band trip. The uniform had giant shoulder pads, gold chains, and was complete with a hat with puffy feathers and white gloves. I think it is worth mentioning that I was a terrible, terrible clarinet player. I could not march and play at the same time even if my life depended on it.

But I saw the ocean and visited Disneyland because I was good at pretending I could do two things at once. This magical act allowed me to hitch a free ride to Florida and so I stand by my time as the 3rd to last chair in the line up of 25 clarinets*.

16 years later, I stood on the beach for a second time. Not only did I do that, but Matt also drug (dragged?) my happy ass out of bed to catch the sunrise over the Atlantic.

10 year Anniversary 054

10 year Anniversary 055

10 year Anniversary 085

10 year Anniversary 090

MTP, I could pretend to play the clarinet and walk a straight line but we all know that was really a lie. What I am not lying about is my love for you. Even when you make me get out of bed at 6:10 am so we can watch the sun peek through the clouds for the very first time that day.

I am pretty sure that the sun rose just for us. I also think I will never forget that day as long as I live.

2013-07-14 10 year Anniversary1

Just like you’ll never let me forget the time I wore the big, tall hat with the white puffy feathers.

I love you, jerk face.

*25 chairs might be an exaggeration. I have no clue how many there really were.

PS. Hope you aren’t tired of hearing me ramble about our anniversary trip. I have more pictures to share. Many more.


7 thoughts on “I’m sure of it

  1. The sunset pictures are beautiful!

    I got a trip to NYC and Hershey Park because I was good at pretending I could ply the flute, but not good enough to make it past last chair! 😛

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