Happy day of your birth

Yesterday was my Mom’s birthday. Let’s all take a moment and thank the Lord that she was born. Because without her, we wouldn’t have me. And without me, we wouldn’t have the World’s Most Adorable Children.

And we can all agree the world would be a very sad place without cute little peaches like this:10 year Anniversary 177

While I have your attention, I would also like to publically thank Grandma for keeping our babies so that Matt and I could pretend to be newlyweds. Simon, Bennett, and Cora all did great while staying at Gampa and Gampa’s house.

My Mom was such a good sport about Cora calling her Gampa 90% of the time. She also convinced Cora to take 3.5 hour naps in the crib. (Note: she does not do that for me) and to sleep through the night without milk. (Again: DOES NOT DO THAT FOR ME.) Cora did not cry or have any issues being away.

Must be a case of superior parenting.

Grandma also willingly laid down each night with Simon until he fell asleep since he was afraid of the “creepy people paintings” that reside in every room of their house. (Simon, I was afraid when I was growing up too. All those paintings are creepy.) Yesterday she spent her day driving 6.5 hours to my sister’s house in Colorado to go be with Simon. He is staying the week with Roan and Rowdy and “wanted Grandma so that he could sleep.”

(SHOUT OUT TO MY SIS: Thanks for keeping Simon in the mix of your boys. Not many people can get up at 3:30 every morning, work 8 hours, cook, clean, keep a beautiful house, and care for FIVE wild boys without losing their patience. Also, your hair looks good while doing it.)

I’m not sure what Grandma did for (good naturedgoes with the flow) Benny boy. Oh wait, she gave Bennett popsicles for breakfast and Pepsi for lunch. Some might call that cheating, but I call it pure genius on how to wiggle your way into Bennett’s heart.10 year Anniversary 175

Happy birthday, Gampa Grandma. I hope it was a great day. Thank you for loving on my babies.

PS. I got a (teeny, soo tiny, white) tattoo on our honeymoon. Don’t freak out. Or tell Dad.


PPPS. Matt’s uncles, Tim and Mark, have offered to adopt me if you guys decide to disown me.

PPPPS. Tim and Mark have a BEAUTIFUL VACATION HOME in Florida. You can come visit me if you change your mind. I bet Christmas on the beach will be awesome with my new Dads.


9 thoughts on “Happy day of your birth

  1. Love this whole story and really love your PPPS and PPPPS. Maybe Simon should have come to visit his new adopted grandparents and saved your Mom a long trip 🙂 Not sure we could have filled those shoes though.

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