Post beach blues

Are y’all getting tired of looking at pictures of our trip yet? No? Good because I am such a giver. I have more pictures for you. YAY!

It’s not very often that one gets to take a 10 year anniversary trip. In fact, I’m hoping that this is the ONLY time I ever take a 10 year anniversary trip. First year of marriage: baby Simon. 10th year of marriage: honeymoon and a tattoo. 20th year of marriage? God only knows. Perhaps I’ll go all out and get some stuff pierced and a sleeve tattoo.

Kidding, Mom.

Anyways, Matt and I both have the biggest case of post beach blues. Case in point: we went out to eat the other day at Cheeseburger in Paradise at the Legends. Hey, C.I.P., you completely got paradise correct! The rolling sea of black-top and cars totally reminded us of the beautiful ocean.

10 year Anniversary 06810 year Anniversary 015

I’m sorry but of course I had to take a picture of my toes in the sand. If only I could have managed to squeeze my drink in the frame as well.

Sigh. I want to go back. ASAP.

Can I just say we had a ton of fun with the self-timer? It went a little like this. Set camera on shelf outside the window, take a test shot of Matt standing in front of the pool, run to jump in the frame, repeat it ten times.

2013-07-14 10 year Anniversary310 year Anniversary 13210 year Anniversary 12610 year Anniversary 09310 year Anniversary 133

Congratulations! Thank you for sticking it out while I shared all our vacation “selfies.” Your regularly scheduled programming of children, cats, and home updates of H.O.P will resume shortly. I just have one last bit to share, which is Tim and Mark’s beautiful beach house. It was gorgeous, guys. For real.

In fact, Tim and Mark NAILED the paradise part. Which, unfortunately, I can’t say the same about Cheeseburger in Paradise.


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