Let bygones be bygones

Oh, hello blog. I haven’t forgotten about this space although my lack of posting might feel that way. Please accept my apology. What happened to July?

We took a vacation, duh.
My two littlest came home.
After almost a month away, Simon came home with his cousins in tow.
Rowdy broke his arm.
My sister came to the rescue from Colorado.
I managed to work, just a little.
It rained A LOT and my Florida tan faded.
Bennett turned SIX.
All my babies took a trip to Wichita for the week.
We’ve marked off a 1218 projects off the MASTER HOUSE TO DO LIST.

Sounds like excuses, I know. Blogging is no where on that list.

Poor Benny didn’t even get a birthday post.

Because every #birthdayboy deserves a roller coaster on their big day. #sospoiled #soblessed #sohappy

Once a year, like reliable clockwork, my babies get another year older. #sixyearsold #makeitstop #projectlife365 #vscocam

He did get a carnival and gifts, which is pretty legit. (Please remind your future therapist of this fact, Bennett.)

So, welcome August. The boys (!) both go back to school in less than a week. We are off to retrieve them from the Grandparent’s house this weekend. I can’t wait to hug and squeeze them.

I might even be back to regular blogging soon. I make no promises, however.


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