Another adventure

It’s different this time, sending your 2nd child off to school, compared to your firstborn. I worried so much about Simon being gone all day. I remember one of the first times I visited Simon’s kindergarten classroom and his class was out on the playground.

It wasn’t just a little, early childhood playground but a huge, football field sized place to play. I stood there scanning the children running freely while desperately trying to find Simon in the crowd. I remember a small pang of panic in that I couldn’t find him immediately. We had never visited a park where I wasn’t right there, all the time.

Eventually I found him in a far corner, happily engaged and completely unaware that I was even there.

He was just so far away.

It’s Bennett’s turn for kindergarten now. My Mama heart feels great sadness that his babyhood is really over. We are shutting the book on his time at home and opening the door to all day school.

No more preschool and daily quiet time. No more picnic lunches on the back porch.

No more hours in front of the TV. No more sleepy mornings, or library story-times, or begging for snacks.

No more pjs all day.

No more art projects at the kitchen counter. No more Lego space ships that take all day to create. No more late morning bubble baths.

Over, done, finished, complete.

I had to meet with his kindergarten teacher yesterday. Tell me about Bennett, she wants to know. How much time do you have I ask?

Bennett is sweet, a good listener (mostly), kind (always), gentle (except with Simon), a giver, and a lover of poop jokes.

He is a friend to all.

And the best bit? He just can’t wait to explore that great, big playground.


First day of kindergarten! More thoughts on the #blog. It is a good one today, so you should check it out. :) Link in profile. || #mybaby #firstdayofschool #vscocam #biggirlcamera

So go get ’em, kid.

Mama will be waiting right here for you.


One thought on “Another adventure

  1. Aww, I’m right there with you. Ethan starts kindergarten this year, and it’s making me weird. Like I’m off kilter or something. I was looking at pictures of him from a couple years ago, wondering where the heck his chubby baby cheeks went.

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