Music, percentiles

A few random items for your Wednesday:

I found a new Pandora station and I am loving it. It’s called A Charlie Brown Theme and it plays nothing but classical piano but of popular tunes. (Go ahead, call me Old Lady Audrey.) Right now a piece from Phantom of the Opera is playing. It’s making me feel very calmed and relaxed. I, unfortunately, am rarely calm or relaxed. So, this?

I like it.

It is hard to yell at my kids when “When She Loved Me” from Toy Story is quietly providing the background soundtrack to our lives.

We took the kids in for well-child visits. I love to obsess over percentiles.

Simon, 10 years, weights 61.2 lbs. (17%) and is 54.4 inches tall (45%).
Bennett, 6 years, weights 47 lbs. (57%) and is 46 inches tall (59%).
Cora, 2 years, weights 26 lbs. (36%) and is 36 inches tall (80%).

Cook is in the kitchen on this cool and cloudy Saturday. #babybunsoffun #myfavoriteday #vscocam

My babies. I cooked ’em and fed ’em (constantly with the food) (seriously they never stop with the demands to eat) and now they are growing up on me.

Way too fast, if you ask this Old Lady.

I suppose I fall into that category now that I listen to classical music in order to reduce my stress.


3 thoughts on “Music, percentiles

  1. I’m a blog lurker–and this sounded like great music…but I can’t find it on Pandora. Can you be my personal DJ and tell me the name of the Charlie Brown station? I tried a Charlie Brown Theme and I get great jazz–just not popular tunes. Thks!

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