Labor of love

Momentous news for today: we have finally and 100% completely recovered from the Great Flood of ’12. It only took 9 months, which for the slower ones in the group, is the same amount of time it takes to gestate a baby.

Which is technically good news because I am loving all the changes we’ve made. I’m pretty sure Matt will not be picking up another nail gun, paintbrush, or screwdriver for at least 6 weeks. It’s hard work making a baby, right Matt? He needs time to recover from all the hours he spent bending, painting, and following my every design whim.

New stools, under cabinet lighting, crown molding, kitchen chairs, and two new light fixtures have revamped this space. Plus all the trim work and finishing pieces on the floor have been completed. (Previous kitchen pictures here.)

And all the people said AMEN.

house 2013 002

house 2013 099

If you ever read online that installing crown molding over kitchen cabinets isn’t difficult, please know that you are reading lies. BIG FAT LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE kind of lies. After reading online how quickly and easily it can upgraded, I instantly decided that we needed to crown the cabinets. Two days later, we were kicking ourselves. It was not easy. Trying to measure and make appropriate cuts resulted in lots of frustration and trips to Home Depot for more wood.

6th grade geometry skills, we don’t got ’em. house 2013 094house 2013 013

All’s well that ends well. Just don’t look too closely, please. As for now, I figure 6 weeks is an appropriate amount of rest time for Matt in terms of projects around the house. 9 months of labor resulted in this beautiful and wonderful space. Now just think of all the projects I can dream of in the next 9 months!

Besides, 6 weeks rest is the same amount of time the Mama’s get before somebody we know starts chomping at the bit.

If you know what I mean.


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