Hail to the hall

Because what hallway doesn’t deserve to have a little update? We painted it vanilla ice cream yellow back in 2010- which is basically a really long time to live with a color that you don’t really like.

house 2013 124 house 2013 171    house 2013 133

Curious about how to paint crisp stripes? Here is our quick and dirty: we painted the whole wall with the base coat (Pale Wheat), added tape in order to make 12 inch lines, painted over just the tape edge with Pale Wheat, and then painted entirely every other section with Macchiato. Doing this creates very little bleeding once you pull the tape off the wall. Does that sound confusing? Sorry if it’s not very helpful. Ya’ll are seriously better off just Googling ‘how to paint stripes.’

The arrow prints are from Printable Wisdom on Etsy and the frames are from Target.

The entire project was super cheap and slightly time consuming, but generally an easy up-grade.

Good thing it only took three years to get the job done.


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