Potty Learning 101

Alright, let’s be real and admit that some (80% or so?) will not care one bit about how my precious, beautiful angel of a baby is learning how to use the potty. The other 20%? This post is for you. I also apologize in advance for all of the potty humor puns. I can’t help it. I live mostly with boys.

Welcome to Potty Learning 101.

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First of all, I personally believe this process should be called potty learning not potty training. Puppies get trained. Babies learn- just like how they learn to use a spoon or drink from a cup. There will never, ever be any question on any college entrance exam about when one learned to master the commode.  NEWSFLASH: it doesn’t matter when you learned to drop the kids off at the pool because nobody gives a crap. Secondly, I believe that the best time to start potty learning is when both parties are ready to go. Start too early and you end up potty training for.ev.er. Seriously, the idea of P.L. for six months (or more) is no es bueno.

So, with that in mind, we began prepping Cora Janie to the idea of sitting. We read a few books, pulled out the potty seat, and encouraged her to sit. TRUTH: she was not having it. No way, no thank you. So we took a little break and gave her some more time before we took the plunge.


After waiting a few months, we decided it was time for Cora to ascend the throne again and show those big boys how to get the job done. We basically took her cloth diapers away and told her that she was a big girl. We also borrowed a small potty chair from a friend, which truth be told, is not my cup of tea (or tee-tee if you insist). A few accidents later, she has pretty much mastered staying dry during the daytime and while napping thanks to the porcelain pony.

When she successfully goes potty, we all clap and cheer and dance. I am not a huge fan of rewarding with candy because clapping is enough for my sweet girl and I want her to be in control. She isn’t a big fan of being prompted to go either, so I trust her judgment, and we clean up accidents when they happen. We try to spot the potty dance before it’s too late but otherwise we don’t push her.

We are still working on number two, but that is a whole another post for another day. Doing business with John takes more time, and right now we are just so proud of our little Poopsie Poo and her big girl panties.


Up next: cloth diapers for sale! Anybody in the market?


3 thoughts on “Potty Learning 101

  1. Wow!! Potty Training sounds great. I also just trained my soon to be 3 year old next month. I have a 10 month old baby which I am interested in the cloth diapers. What size? And How much? I am also following you on Insta im prettymendez on there.

    • I haven’t pulled anything out or taken pictures yet. I will let you know when they go up, via here and on IG. I haven’t thought about prices yet but I can promise that everything will be cheap. 🙂

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