Cloth diapers for sale

Alright, the time has come to list some diapers. None of these precious poo catchers have any stains or smell at all. I wash with Tide and have soft water. I will list the condition to the best of my ability but know that some of these diapers are very well-loved. Postage is included in price and I will ship upon request.diapers 001

Goodmama solid and CV diapers with skinny tag. Retail for $35.00ish. Pink and purple have loose elastic but are still soft and squishy. Yellow and light brown are in great condition. Pink or purple: $15.00 each. Yellow or brown: $20 each.

diapers 004diapers 008

Bumgenius pocket diapers. Retail for $17.97 new. Two Zinnia (dark pink) and 4 Blossom (light pink). Some of the Velcro and elastic has been replaced, others still need work. All fully functional. Stain free inserts included. $55 for all six or $10.00 per diaper.

diapers 030

Fuzzi Bunz medium pocket diapers. Retail for $14.95 each.  Light purple, dark purple, chocolate brown, blue and light pink. Elastic is great on all and these were my favorite diapers. The light purple has a small spot where the seam has come undone but doesn’t affect function. Stain free inserts included. $10.00 per diaper. SOLD!

diapers 029

Last but not least, some very sad Fuzzi Bunz diapers and one OBB Marathon. Black (hard to find color!) and hunter green FB with loose elastic. Both are still fully functional, just need the elastic replaced. $6.00 per diaper with insert included. The medium OBB was a favorite when Bennett was a baby. $15.00.

Questions? Ask in the comments or shoot me a message at

While I feel really sad about letting these diapers go, I like to listen to what my friend Mister Rogers has to say, “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”

So, on that note, we move forward into the next stage of life.

Here’s to the beginning of visiting public potties, stinky bathroom soap, never leaving home without a spare outfit, and one very big girl.


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