A mother’s dream

When I went back to work last year, I had a terrible time volunteering at Simon’s school. It was just too difficult to drag Cora Jane and Bennett inside, only to feel like I couldn’t concentrate on anything but keeping them out of stuff. I did a few small projects at home, but there just weren’t enough hours in each day.image
This year with Bennett being in school and Cora turning two? Well HOT DOG. Let’s do this! Having one child at home is a walk in the park. Seriously, first time parents need to stop complaining. Of course, the only way to realize how easy you have it is by popping out another one. We call this HINDSIGHT.

Pedicure with the toddler in tow? No problem. Grocery shopping? Done. Volunteer once a week at school? I’m there. image
This school year I’ve managed to volunteer weekly in the kindergarten pod. I also try to eat lunch with Bennett once a week. (God save my soul.) Two months into the gig and Bennett appears to be loving school. No major complaints other than he is STARVING after school. He loves all his teachers and talks about them daily. He also loves to spout out rhyming words. CAT! BAT! HEART! FART!

:eye roll:

Simon, on the other hand, has asked that I not come into his classroom and could care less that I now have the time. I’ve solved this problem by peeking into his room despite his wishes. He might be my big boy, but he is still my baby. I will stop and wave EVEN if it embarrasses you, kid. I am your mother. This is my job.

An aside: Simon only has this year and next year left at Deerfield. One of my friends has two children at West Junior High. She said to me, “Every day I send them into the big box and every afternoon they come out of the big box. I have no idea what happens inside the box. ” My heart literally fell onto the floor. It’s like the helicopter parents worst nightmare.image

Deerfield has been such a great school for our children. We love the little box and all that it contains.

Just like I love afternoon naps and walks with my little one.


4 thoughts on “A mother’s dream

  1. We only have 2 years in the little box with Seth too. It is so scary isn’t it? I am not even a helicopter parent, but I am freaking out about not knowing what is going on in his school!

    I miss volunteering in the school. This is the first year I am not because of the wee babe.

    Also? I adore you. The end.

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