Pumpkin patch 2013

I tell you what, man, I feel slightly better now that we’re a week out of September. I am a self-diagnosed SAD (seasonal affective disorder) sufferer, so September is always so hard for me. While I try to get as much sun as possible, there is no way to replicate the amount I get during the summer months. I spend at least 10-15 minutes outside every day but it’s not enough to bring my serotonin levels to what they were.

To October: welcome. May you be better than September.

We celebrated a new month by hitting up one of my favorite fall places: Shaake’s Pumpkin Patch.

pumpkins 2013 002pumpkins 2013 014pumpkins 2013 013pumpkins 2013 030   pumpkins 2013 050 pumpkins 2013 051pumpkins 2013 053

Good golly I have some handsome boys (Matt too!) and a beautiful baby. Cora Jane insisted on bringing the teddy bear. He looks good sitting on your bounty of pumpkins. For the record, 45 cents a pound X a lot of pumpkins = way too many dollar bills spent on pretty porch decorations.

But I figure we break even in the long run. A couple of hours out in the sun is worth more than a sad and grumpy Mama.

Just ask the boys and I am sure they will all agree.

Previous patch trips: here and here in 2012, here and here in 2011, 2010 (dude I was barely PG with Cora. We went but I didn’t blog it because I was deathly sick) and some pictures WAY BACK WHEN in 2009.


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