Thanksgiving 2013

It feels INSANE to already be mid-December. What happened to November? Was the weather nice? Did my children reach in any new milestones? Did I blog? I can’t remember.

We did manage to go to Wichita and visit Matt’s entire family for Thanksgiving. He is one of 5 siblings, all who are married. Together there are 9 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Here is the thing with Matt’s family that is radically different from mine: THEY ALL GET ALONG NICELY. Well (not 100 % perfectly) but for the most part nobody yells, or loses their patience, or gets “hangry” (hungry/angry).

My boys were especially excited this year to see their older cousins from Southern California. Thanks to Instagram, they are both pretty convinced that Race and Cole are the coolest, most awesome, and admirable teenage cousins around. I tend to agree. We can’t wait to road trip out next year for Cole’s graduation.

IMG_8861familyeditthanksgiving 2013 139thanksgiving 2013 041thanksgiving 2013 060thanksgiving 2013 074thanksgiving 2013 099

Now that I got that taken care of, I can move onto Christmas. Only 10 more days to go!


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