The not-Christmas card

I totally planned to send out a holiday card this year but never managed to get the job completed. I could bore you with super lame excuses like:

1.) Working sucks and takes up all my “free” time.
2.) Matt had a major abdominal surgery.
3.) I have poor time management skills, especially at bedtime when the kids are asleep.
4.) We didn’t have time (or money) to pay an actual photographer to take quality pictures.
5.) I have a good 10 lbs. that I would like to lose. If Mama doesn’t look good, why send out a card? Also? I needed a hair cut in these pictures.

I know, excuses.

So let’s just pretend that I did use these photos for an actual holiday card, yes?

november 2013 142 november 2013 103-001 november 2013 069 november 2013 058 november 2013 055 november 2013 052

While we are pretending, look at that nicely written font that says “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!”

Love (for reals),
Matt, Audrey, Simon, Bennett, and Cora Jane

PS. We took pictures like this last year: here and here. (Seriously, Big Mama in the house compared to last year!)


3 thoughts on “The not-Christmas card

  1. Hey lady! Your kiddos are so big! The boys are so handsome and Cora Jane is just beautiful! I work with a wonderful lady who does photography on the side. She has a Facebook page and website. Its Timeless Moments Photography captured by Carrie. She takes beautiful pictures and is very reasonable. We don’t have a lot of extra $$ either and we were happy she was so reasonable. She is located in Lawrence so it would be close. Just thought I’d share my find if you wanted pictures taken down the road! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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