Bennett’s bedroom

Something that we have been talking about recently is finally finishing the basement. We have three bedrooms upstairs and Cora’s crib is still in our bedroom. Does she actually sleep in her crib? Of course not. It is really just a receptacle for stuffed animals and baby dolls. She much prefers to sleep in our bed.

Ideally, both boys will go downstairs to the basement. Cora will move into Simon’s room and Bennett’s room will become the spot for Baby Pool #4. (Disclaimer: No, I am not pregnant. No, we are not trying. I just like to plan ahead. Also? I have a 2-year-old in my bed still. I have no idea if we will really try for one more baby or not. Our family is pretty sweet. End Disclaimer.) Regardless, I want Cora out of our room. Girlfriend needs her own space.

Since I figure it will only take approximately 3924 months for the basement to be finished because we are going to do (most of) the work ourselves and use cash only, I decided it was time to update Bennett’s room.

You can see Bennett’s old room here.

January 2014 073January 2014 032

January 2014 029

I decided to not nail his name letters to the wall. It takes MANY nail holes to get the job done, so for now they are just balanced on top of the ridiculously old pictures. I might change my mind later about nailing them up. As the Mama, I reserve this right at any time. Some day I might even update his pictures too. He’s hardly that wee little baby any more. (Single tear.)

Baby steps, folks. Baby steps.

January 2014 054January 2014 057

Resources: the paint is Classic Silver by Behr, quilt is Pottery Barn Kids, and the bed is Restoration Hardware Baby and Child.


2 thoughts on “Bennett’s bedroom

  1. Just a thought Audrey dear. Have you considered Velcro to put his letters on the wall. I’m assuming they aren’t too heavy and would be somewhat adjustable to get them leveled up tool


    Timothy K Pool
    Vice President
    Christofferson Commercial Builders, Inc.
    3235 Fillmore Ridge Heights
    Colorado Springs, CO 80907
    (719)548-0999 Office
    (719)559-0981 Direct Line
    (719)473-2280 fax

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