Soft as Cloud Dough

I saw this recipe floating around on Facebook the other day and decided to make some for Cora. She LOVES “maydough” and will spend hours rolling, squashing, and dropping pieces all over my dining room floor. The amount of time spent playing ALMOST equals the same amount of time I have to spend cleaning it all up. So, basically, a win for me.

To make:
Mix 1 part hair conditioner
2 parts corn flour/starch
A few drops food coloring

I ended up using a bunch of left over hotel conditioner samples until I found the right consistency. The great thing about this dough is that it smells great! Of course it had to be pink because it’s her favorite color.

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She loved it so much that I bought another bottle of the CHEAPEST conditioner ($1.59 at Target) that I could find. I’m sure we’ll be making more of this as the winter progresses!


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