Save the drama for your Mama

Hello? Anybody there? I couldn’t even remember my password to get in this space, so I’m doubtful that any of my 10 or so faithful readers are still here. My apologies. I haven’t forgotten about this space, despite my lack of postings, it’s just that I haven’t trusted myself to write.

You see, I’ll be brutally honest and say that lots has been going in my work life. You’ll understand when I say I can’t really talk about it, yes? Things are better now and (hopefully) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD everything has calmed down. I don’t like conflict, so just know that I am happier now. It was a hard couple of months and I am looking forward to the future. Everyone was sad, stressed, and anxious. I really do love my job though.

This now shall end my discussion of work. I don’t want to talk any more about it. I can guarantee that Matt, my co-workers, family and my closest friends can all agree. I will now shut up. THE END.

So speaking of looking forward, who is ready for Spring? Soccer games, swimming pools, and summer flowers are all calling my name. It just feels like winter has dragged on and on around here.

April fool 2014 001

march 2014 004

I found these pictures of Bennett and Cora  after one of our massive snowstorms. The Polar Vortex can kindly see itself out now. I don’t want to talk another minute about wind chills, snow boots, or snowfall totals. I am also tired of arguing with my boys about wearing shorts. We made a house rule that if the temperature is above 50 degrees, you may wear shorts. #pantsoptional. However, if the temp is below 50 degrees then long pants are required.

Much like the drama with my job, I am done with all that nonsense.




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