Cora Jane’s party

She is bigger and better than I ever dreamed possible. When pregnant and thinking about a baby girl – my baby girl– I don't think I imagined anything past the squirmy newborn stage. Admittedly I am very grateful that I have now successfully moved past the future "just the mother-in-law" status. The future me gets to be more than the mother-in-law.

Anything else, however, did not cross my mind. Dreaming of a future together? Kindergarten? Pink balloons with polka dots? Tutus and ballerina shoes? It just wasn't what I thought about. The future seemed so far away until you suddenly wake up and realize that everything has already changed.

When dreaming of my baby girl, I most decidedly did not think of this:

1st birthday party 010

1st birthday party 026

1st birthday party 030 2

I was not thinking about her first birthday party one year ago. The art of distruption is the beautiful way in which she has changed all of our lives for the better. We are divided and stretched into new people. None of us will ever be the same now that she is here. The only solution, the only answer possible, was to throw her a giant celebration.

Oh happy day. We are so glad you are here, Cora Jane Pool.

It's a party!
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We threw an awesome party that just happened to have the prettiest, biggest, best birthday cake ever. I will fully admit that this cake was better than my wedding cake. My friend, Brandi, went out of her way to create the perfect cake for Cora Jane. When discussing a theme, I only requested two things: pink and pretty.

Brandi frick'n nailed it.

1st birthday party 012

1st birthday party 018

1st birthday party 022
(Cora's personal smash cake.)
Brandi made the cake because she is my friend. (She is also a kick ass realtor who can help you find the perfect house. I know this because she got us this house.) She also did it because she wanted to love on my family and did so without asking for anything in return. Brandi cares about us and our story. She left no detail untouched and even went as far to wish me a happy birthday too.

I do not say no to blessings. When somebody wants to go above and beyond to bless my family? The answer is always yes.

1st birthday party 002

Not everyone gets a baby girl for their birthday. I realize that. What are the odds? I realize how incredibly blessed and fortunate my family is to not only be able to throw a party but also spoil their baby with a three-tiered cake and their own personal smash cake. I get it. I am hopeful that for the people who do want babies, they get exactly what it is that they want too. Even if they don't have three-tiered cake or babies on their birthday.  Everyone should know this kind of joy.

My boys fill me. My girl completes me.

1st birthday party 093

Dearest Cora Jane,

My love for you runs deep. I am so thankful that God placed you in our lives. Your brothers adore you, your Daddy spoils you, and your grandparents can't get enough of you. My prayer is that we have another blessed year as amazing as your first. I am not going to think about your 2nd birthday right now, as it will be here much to quickly. I can't believe the fun we have had together. You are more than I ever imagined or dreamed possible., 

Today you are one.

1st birthday party 143
As we march through the days, I hope you know how much my love overflowth. When I was a child, my Granny Cale used to sign every birthday card and hand written note the exact same way. It is funny how right she was and today I am going to steal her line.

I love you all ways, always.


Ps. There are more pictures on Facebook. As if there aren't enough in this entry!

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