Birthday fun (take two)

I know the “in” thing right now is to create big, elaborate themed birthday parties. My heart desires to do the popular thing but, unfortunately, I am just not that crafty. I spend time looking on Pinterest and then free crappy because I can’t manage to even sew a fricking button, let alone create banners and bunting.

Honest Toddler said it best, “Most toddlers use a form of Pinterest 24/7. We call it “imagination” but it’s basically the same thing.”

Well said, HT. I imagine buntings and cute pictures coming out of cupcakes. Instead, I beg my favorite baker (Brandi Abram who not only sells homes but also makes adorable and delicious cakes) to make a cake. Then I add some fresh Farmer’s Market flowers on the table and a few colorful balloons. Looks good enough to me.

May 2013 057May 2013 053 May 2013 056May 2013 061

Top was chocolate and bottom was vanilla. The whole thing was delightful.

Rather than rush around and make a lot of food for our family, we chose to order pizza from Wheat State. Could we have saved money by grilling outside or cooking ourselves? Maybe. Is my sanity more important? Absolutely.

May 2013 086

After eating (like how I showed you the kitchen pre-party? I was too busy to pick up my camera during the party), we opened presents. Do you see my big gift? Matt bought me a new light fixture for over the kitchen table. Yay!

Cora’s big gift was this adorable (handmade) play kitchen, so most of her presents were themed around Daddy’s handwork.

May 2013 070May 2013 160 May 2013 161Tagged by my newest favorite IG friend, @wifeysinger, to share #widn. I am trying to find the time to blog about Cora's birthday party and all her sweet gifts. Like this beautiful handmade baby given by @beckyfinck and made by @janafowler. I tag @ashleyhe

She also got the most adorable, handmade baby from Little Love Sprouts on Etsy. Seriously, the cutest doll in all the land. Cora loves to put her in the high chair and “feed” her lots of food.

After presents came the cake. Make a wish, baby girl.

May 2013 186

May 2013 174

All my wishes have been granted.

Up next: Details for Cora’s play kitchen! Until then, does this post count as writing thank you cards? Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Pool for the clothes. Thanks Aunt Liza for the wooden food. Thanks Grandma Cale for the stainless steel pots. Thanks Aunt Tara for the puzzle and pjs. Thanks Lisa for the bubbles and dress. Thanks Becky for the baby. Thanks Jennifer for the jammies.

Ok, so maybe all my wishes haven’t been granted.

My next wish is for someone else to write all those thanks you cards.


3 thoughts on “Birthday fun (take two)

  1. love it all, both posts just make me want to have a party! beautiful cake, and honest toddler always cracks me up 😉

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