Back to school pictures

Do you ever take a picture and feel like you are seeing the future? Who is this kid? With the broader shoulders and thicker neck (and pink socks)? If you squint, it’s almost as if those giant teeth have come closer together and straightened out a bit.

back to school 042 back to school 043


I don’t like it one bit. When I see Simon, I still see this kid.

DSC_0177 n

This is Simon’s 4th year in school. His teacher is Mrs. Roman and he is most excited about having a daily planner to write down all his assignments. His favorite subject is reading and he thinks he is bad at math (he isn’t). He wants to play basketball and do gymnastics this fall.

Last year, he started walking home after school with a few friends. He carries a phone and texts when he’s left the building. Be still my heart.

back to school 048 back to school 053back to school 060

This is Bennett’s first year of school. His teacher is Mrs. Jackson. He is most excited about, um, everything? He only went one day last week, so this week will be the true test of his kindergarten stamina. Can he wear his shoes all day without complaining? Make it four hours without eating? Stand in a line? Follow directions? Write the letter E without fifteen extra little lines?

Time will only tell.


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